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Post  jedkantos on Sun Oct 21, 2007 4:12 pm

FORUMZ DOWN - Judging Thread Judging_thread_title_ani

Some of you may remember the posters made by Open Board forum regulars, vesley and froggie_5. I took those two posters with me, and smuggled them into the Weekly Creativity Contest forum, and turned them into a contest, getting people to make more like them.

Well, as this all started with the Open Board forum regulars, I want to get you people to help me to judge the contest! What I need is for everybody to go and have a look at the contest thread and pick their favorite poster from those that are there, and copy it back here (if it's not here already).

Once we have 15 posters in here, I will add a poll and you can all vote for the best three. These three will then go back to the private "moderator only" forum on, for final judging of the best one out of the three that you all choose.

Please remember that the mods and admins will be making the final choice of the best one out of the three that you select, so please DO NOT select any that have been made by a moderator on (myself included), as that would be unfair.

Have fun!

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